Suzanna Terrill

Painting / Graphic Art

1. "Bad Hair Day" Encaustic on wood, SOLD. Paintings are on display at "Trillium Cove Home & Gardens", Townsend, TN.

2. "First Love" Encaustic, on wood, SOLD.

3. "Convention of Sunflowers" Encaustic, oil and wax on wood, SOLD

4. "Sunflower with Bug", SOLD

5. "Council House" 2014, SOLD, Donated to Tremont fundraiser

6. "Enough" 2014, Oil on panel, 24"x 13", SOLD

7. "Sheared Ewe" 2014, Oil on panel, 24"x 13", SOLD

8. "Four Mason Jars" 2014, Encaustic, Oil & Wax on panel, 16"x 20", SOLD.

9. "Old Bear and Cat House" 2014, Encaustic, Oil & Wax on panel, 15"x 20", Donation to ABR

10. "My Family" 2013, Linocut on paper, $25.

11. "Removal of a Nation, Cherokee Trail of Tears I", 2012, Mixed media on panel, 48"x 37", $850.

12. "Rise of the Phoenex", from Removal of a Nation, Cherokee Trail of Tears, 2012, Oil on canvas, SOLD

13. Painting “In the Light of the Moon…” Encaustic on wood, 8 x 4 feet, $850

What a cold winter at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Although the snow on the mountains was beautiful, covering my yard and home with a lacy layer of love, I found it filled with a darkness that I struggled to overcome. Holidays in Indiana and Ohio were out of the question due to the weather. My Townsend family and friends, rallied around to generate warmth, but I could not bring the “light” in. I found myself painting at home, after losing my studio; I began painting the “interiors” of my life. I studied art and painted at a very early age, my parents recognized that I could draw and gave me all the necessary opportunities to develop my gift. Studying art at Indiana University after graduating from a small high school, with a limited art program, was an experience I will never forget. After marrying and moving to Chattanooga, TN, I completed my art education at Chattanooga University, now an extension of Tennessee University. Art for me is a passion that comes from within, when words fail, without it, I would not have a voice. It is whom I am, responding to my life and all that is involved with it at the time of painting, communicating my energy and expression through the process of painting. Many years in the art scene in Cincinnati, Ohio, owner and artist of my own gallery in Over-the-Rhine, downtown Cincinnati, have taught me the business of producing and marketing art Much has changed with the high-technology that we have today, but the basics of art remains the same. When I think about all the paintings and prints that I have left around the world, in banks, government offices, corporate and private collections, I feel a sense of presence that my voice was heard, is being heard, and will continue to be heard. Presently, I am a member of the Townsend Artisan Guild, Townsend, TN.



Suzanna Terrill

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My services include but are not limited to:


• Painting

• Graphic Art



Contact me with any questions you have about my work or how to have a custom diorama made specifically for you.