New Years Resolutions by Sharon Webb

New Year’s Resolutions

So why do most folks fail at New Year’s resolutions?

Resolutions are too broad.  When you don’t have a clear plan of action you are doomed to failure.  The larger we make our goals the harder it seems to keep the resolutions.

Too many resolutions.  We want to solve all our problems in one fell swoop.  Instead of telling yourself that you are going to fix multiple problems or conquer huge mountains go for the resolutions that gives instant motivation.

Whether your goals have to do with self-motivation, getting organized, expanding your art business, or just having to do with being happier in your life you have to tackle the goal with clearly defined steps and actually work at those steps.    For example, in expanding an art business what are the steps you would need to take to expand.  Think about everything from setting up a website to exhibiting at shows.  What is the time frame that you need for each and what steps do you have to take to attain each goal?  Think about what you hope to achieve by setting up an art business and is that something that you have always dreamed about or is that a realistic expectation?

How do you hold yourself accountable to keeping resolutions?  Keep deadlines.  Being successful at anything demands that you set a deadline for a task and stick to that deadline.  As artists we like to think we can work at our own pace.  True, but if the end goal is to expand a business then you have to think like a businessperson and stick to the process.  In the end is the resolution going to be fulfilling to you?  What you hope to gain by achieving a goal is worth mulling over.

Don’t make unrealistic goals and don’t beat yourself up.  They go hand in hand.  We have lofty goals and when we don’t achieve those goals we beat ourselves up.  Give thought to the small projects or goals that you have achieved in the past and think about how you made that happen. If a goal is to paint a huge watercolor painting but you have never painted in watercolor then start with mini-paintings and don’t get discouraged if the first dozen didn’t turn out.  Do you need to study on watercolor techniques, are there special paints or brushes that are needed?  Work on the steps that are least expensive is always a better option.

What are some of the New Years resolutions you the artist have made and what do you hope to gain by achieving those goals?  And more importantly what are some of the steps to achieve those resolutions?  Happy New Year to All!