Artist De-Stress for the Holidays

As the Holiday Season draws near we like to think all is bright and cheery when in fact it can be the most stressful time of the year. In all the rush of shopping, entertaining friends and family we often forget the most important person to take care of is oneself.  There is a lot of advise to be found on how to live a “stress” free life during the Holidays but none that I have found addressing living a “stress-less” life as an artist. The following is a list of things to consider for the stressed artist:

Light -add light to your day. Being depressed goes hand in hand with less light. Consider adding a “SAD” (seasonal affective disorder) light to your studio or workstation.
Stick to a routine – just because it is the Holiday’s doesn’t mean you need to stop creating your art. Make sure you have allocated time in your day for your creative endeavors.

Opt-out. Avoid all the mass marketing geared towards purchasing. Don’t sign up for emails or promotions and turn off the phone once in a while for some quiet time.
Downsize on the decorating. Just because you are an artist doesn’t mean you have to convince the rest of the world that you can out decorate the neighbor. Go with tried and true that has worked in the past and stick to that theme.

“Un-done”. Stop beating yourself up for un-done things. Give yourself a break rather than stressing over completing a project you promised yourself that you would do.

Share your creativity with those you love. Everyone thinks artists have an abundance of art…and some of us do….but that doesn’t mean we give it away to just anyone. Give your favorite people a special gift from you, the artist, but don’t dole out hard earned art to the second cousin of a second cousin just because it is expected.

Laugh – Just simply stated. Find reasons to laugh.

Breathe – Ever find yourself trying to hurry through a project because you have a Christmas how to get ready for or a Holiday party where you present handcrafted gifts?Step back, take a walk, and just breathe.

Step away – art isn’t fun anymore? Step away for a day or so to regroup.

The opposite may be true. Hide away in that place that makes you feel the most creative and do your thing and most importantly don’t be apologetic to anyone.

These are just a couple recommendations from an artist. How do you de-stress the artist during the Holiday Season?