“Green Mansions” by Susan McCollum

Another thought provoking piece by Susan McCollum.  Thank you so much for sharing your art and insight.

“A landscape painting is essentially emotional in origin. It exists as a record of an effect in nature whose splendor has moved a human heart, and according as it is well or ill done it moves the hearts of others.”   Walter J. Phillips

When I was about 6 years old, I stumbled across a copy of “Green Mansions” by WH Hudson with an illustration of an ethereal forest in green, shimmering mists.  As a child’s perceptions and memory are apt to do; that image became rooted in my mind as the iconic arboreal heaven.    And strange enough to say, I think I may have found it here in East Tennessee; at least, as close as anything on earth can be.

After a long break in making art, I began painting representational landscapes based on our 1990’s vacations in the Smokies.   I started taking art classes again while chasing career goals and running a medical practice.  When I retired about 5 years ago in the bleak mid-winter of Indiana, I explored abstract painting and still enjoy it very much.

Susan McCollum

But something different is needed to express my appreciation of the wild beauty of East Tennessee; a visual language that speaks to the spirit of this place and allows people to experience it with their own imaginations.   Something short of nailed down camera like realism but yet hinting at reality.

People love this region and they express their appreciation in many ways; by volunteering, hiking and fishing or simply gazing at the beauty around them to name a few.

How do you enjoy the beauty around you?

Thanks for reading,

Susan McCollum

Susan is a participating artist in the Townsend Artisan Guild Gallery and Studio.

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