Art & Feelings by Mary Proffitt

  •    My name is Mary Proffitt and I paint with Alcohol ink on ceramic surfaces, yupo paper, anything that’s slick and non porous. I am still unsure if I can teach others how to paint with alcohol ink because I just add ink, take off ink, pour ink, dab ink, brush on ink and move ink just letting my creativity flow.  Painting is something that I love doing, it’s something that is inside of me that needs to come out.  Painting makes me feel complete; so just giving away my art seemed OK to me a couple of years ago.

    But then there’s that first time when someone actually wants to purchase your art and that opens up a new level of feelings about you and your art.  Just this week I read an article describing this and now I have a better understanding of Art and Feelings.  The title of the article was…”How Your Art Makes People Feel”… not how I feel when selling art.

    People don’t buy what you do or why you do it.  They buy how it makes them feel.”     Bernadette Jiwa

    The feelings I have when someone purchases my art; Oh my, that’s so hard to describe.  Being such a new artist, I sometimes have to pinch myself when I get a check from the gallery for the monthly sales of my art.  I have only been painting for about 3 year and I have been a member of the Townsend Artisan Guild for 1.5 years.  People purchase art because it stirs up feelings inside of them. So now I have a different understanding of selling my art.  Art not only helps me by letting the creativity be released but my art helps others to feel.

    Your art is incomplete until others experience it.” Alyson Stanfield


     Mary‘s art can be found in the Townsend Artisan Guild Gallery and Studio located at 7719 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN.  Mary is an active member of Townsend Artisan Guild and will be participating in several art events in 2019 including The Emporium in Knoxville, TN in October.
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