Sharing Talent

Deborah Adams is a versatile artist accomplished in both water color and silk painting.  Her art is colorful, thought invoking, and gorgeous!  Deborah shares both her thoughts and talent by providing the following post.

Morning Mist Inspiration
Relaxing on my porch in the swing early in the morning and observing the mist and listening to birds waking, chirping in the distance and close at hand.
A slight breeze brushes across my neck enough to cause movement of the Dogwood leaves in the wind.
Quietly the mist lifts from the mountain to reveal the gentle slopes of the trees as if to say ‘Good Morning ‘ what a glorious day this will be.
Painting on silk is my medium and when the dyes penetrate the silk and flow from one section to another it reminds me of the morning mist and how the design changes immediately.
Deborah teaches her art at her studio at the Townsend Artisan Gallery and Studio located on 7719 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Townsend, TN.  Contact Deborah at if interested in learning the beautiful art of silk painting.

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  1. It is always a joy to see your new works of art, Deborah. I also appreciate that you are always will to share what you know.

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