All in the Details

There are many components that makes art a finished piece. An artist realizes his/her vision and lays down the brush, one last tweak of the camera, a final pinch of the clay…then what? Your art can be wonderful and awe inspiring but what makes it professional?

Think about the details of your presentation. Of course the medium determines the finish but how do you “present” your art? Finishing touches and presentation elevate your art and lets the potential buyer know you are serious about selling.

If you are a painter and frame your art make sure the frame is of the same quality as the artwork. Take note of any chips, dings or scratches in the finish. A set of framers touch up pens are a great investment. Write your name on the back of the canvas. If you do your own framing (as many of us do!) make sure you have the proper hanging hardware. I like to use electrical shrink tubes to cover the exposed edges of the wire. What are some of the things you do to finish off the back of a framed piece?

If you sell prints of your artwork make sure you purchase the correct size of sleeve for your print. Is your matte crisp and clean without dinged edges? Nothing is more exciting than finding that perfect piece of handmade jewelry only to pick it up and find there are rough edges on some of the jump rings. The rough edges hold true to pottery as well. I once bought the perfect show piece for my coffee table only to find when I slid the art over to dust the table it scratched the wood. Finishing edges holds true to fiber art as well. A frayed end or an unsightly detracts from the fact that you may have spent twenty hours creating the fiber master piece.

Things to consider – How do you attach your sales tag to your piece? Does your sales tag detract from the piece itself? Do you hand write your info or do you include a business card? Is all your contact info included? If you want future sales it should be.

What are some suggestions you have to present your art?

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