An Artist’s Inspiration

As an artist I am often asked what inspires me. Living in East Tennessee provides an easy answer…the mountains, the vistas, the wildlife, etc. But the true answer is a little deeper.

Last Saturday I took my grandson to Townsend to ride the bicycle trail that follows the river. A beautiful mountain river is inspiring with water tumbling over rocks and the variety of shades green is truly an artists feast but I wanted something more. As we rode I forgot to look for “things” that would pique my interest as an artist and just began to enjoy the day. Following my grandson who peddled the path in front of me, I noticed how his black and red jacket flashed in and out of the shadows. A peek of purple and white Iris’s bursting out of the tall grass caught my eye. A lonely faded grey bench sitting amongst small white flowers was a beautiful picture. Bright pops of pink and yellow flowers played in the grass next to the trail. The rust coat of a friendly dog named Bobo glowed in the bright sunshine.

Not only were all the colors of an artists palette in abundance but shapes and textures emerged. The odd formation of moss-covered rocks. A star on a cabin wall was captured on camera for future reference. The round (and colorful green) pan used for sifting gold in the icy cold river was as interesting to me as it was intriguing for my grandson. Especially as the pan contained minute specks of glittery gold.

The bike trail, rolling river, and hazy mountains all offered a wealth of ideas for art.
I was fortunate that my bike buddy was patient enough to wait on me as I stopped along the trail to take reference pictures. I have ideas for future art projects but the true inspiration for me the artist was feeding the soul of me the person.

Sharon Webb

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